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Sitecore® Experience Platform (XP)

Sitecore Experience Platform™ is the market-leading Content Management System.

Sitecore® learns continuously from every interaction with customers and allows you to engage with them through optimised campaigns and content contextualised in real time.

Sitecore® has a great capacity for innovation and ability to follow the market compared to its competitors and above all because it constantly supports customers in pursuing their goals and achieving success.

Contact us for more information: +39 (0)95 8207879

Context Marketing

Your customers have undergone dramatic changes in recent years, and so too has their way of communicating with your company. Web accesses have multiplied, both from mobile devices and from computers, and visitors are increasingly in search of real-time information and responses regardless of their location or the device they are using to contact you.

Your marketing efforts will be effective only if your visitors’ experience is personalised and taken in the precise context of the interaction. This is known as Context Marketing.


Sitecore manages digital content scalably, in multiple languages and across multiple sites simultaneously, separating content from its presentation. This allows you to focus on your customer’s Web experience without having to concern yourself with how content will be displayed.
Real-time customisation based on personas and rules;

  • Multisite and multilingual management;
  • Optimised for mobile and display-agnostic devices;
  • Templates for accelerating page publication.

Customer Intelligence

The Sitecore database enables you to collect, combine and analyse highly detailed information on the customers who interact with your brand, both in real time and historically. All the interaction data of your prospective and existing customers are combined in a single marketing database. This ensures that your communication is as relevant as possible.

  • An all-round vision of customers;
  • Extremely accurate data for each individual customer;
  • A/B and multivariate testing, target tracking, visitor pathway analysis;
  • Targeting based on rules and user behaviours;
  • Analysis of user engagement value.

Cross-Channel delivery

Sitecore enables you to deliver your content to any device and channel automatically and at the ideal moment for the consumer.

Imagine a Web Content Management interacting in real time with Customer Intelligence and the possibility of delivering content on any channel, giving your customers a contextual and entirely relevant Web experience. You are imagining Sitecore.

  • Mailing management;
  • Mobile marketing;
  • Social experience;
  • Advanced e-commerce;
  • Dynamic printing;
  • Websites that do not use Sitecore.

The key advantages of Sitecore® Experience Platform

  1. A unique view of the customer, his data and all his interactions with the company independently of the channel used;
  2. Unique management system (customer, website and other channels);
  3. Unique repository graphic and textual materials (website, web channels, paper printing);
  4. Independence between content, its presentation and the channel on which it is published;
  5. Sophisticated multisite management and localisation;
  6. State-of- the-art customisation and Conversion Rate Optimization;
  1. Sophisticated Marketing management;
  2. Marketing Automation;
  3. Unique platform with natively integrated modules: World Class CMS, e-commerce, print manager, mailing, analytics, social media;
  4. Native interfacing with social media;
  5. Native interfacing with Dynamics CRM and modules for Salesforce and other CRMs;
  6. Interfacing with numerous management platforms.
Contact us for more information: +39 (0)95 8207879