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First impression count. Online businesses are numerous and customers have only a few moments to find what interests them, with the result that the choice will be based on the "first impression" and that only those companies that communicate reliability and quality will be visited, discarding those that have an unprofessional presence. Diamantea is a partner of the leading companies for the presence on the web.


The website is the main reference of the online presence of any business. Each site is unique, with unique and unrepeatable characteristics. The website is the calling card of a company and therefore it must be not only pleasant, but also usable, with a structure that allows easy retrieval of information, being able to get the highest possible conversion, that is the transformation of a visit into a desired action such as a purchase or a subscription.

CMS: Content Management

Diamantea CMS is a Content Management System that combines ease of use, flexibility and power. The content is managed by intuitive actions and, in addition to a traditional graphical user interface, is equipped with the innovative "direct" function, through which you can directly edit the content by clicking with the mouse on the element you want to modify, as if it were a common office document. This function allows changes to the site, even by unskilled personnel. Diamantea CMS is natively designed to handle an unlimited number of translations and speeds up common tasks for managing SEO tags.

Additional features of Diamantea CMS

  • personalized URLs for a better indexing on search engines;
  • customization of the generation logic of SEO information on each page;
  • one centralized admin management interface for local websites, customizable with different graphic templates;
  • multilingual content management in hierarchical form (sub-sites can inherit content created at the international level, without necessarily having to intervene on the various sub-sites);
  • integration with Google Analytics, for user behaviour tracking and reports;
  • workflow for publishing content that require one or more levels of approval;
  • ability to manage and use different templates for the front-end layout;
  • media libraries where you can store images and multimedia;
  • easy integration to back office management and CRM systems;
  • content version control;
  • ability to export RSS feeds.

Case history

Diamantea, a step ahead.