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UsableBook is a new way of selling and communicating on-line.
Brochures, catalogues, magazines and books can be browsed on the screen in the same way as a printed publication while at the same time delivering interactive multimedia content and sophisticated commercial, booking and e-commerce functions. The reading process is transformed into an interactive and engaging multimedia experience that encourages customers to make a purchase.

Usablebook is an effective and innovative means of conveying your communications and sales proposals.

A direct line between you and your customers:
your publications always on the desktop

UsableBook reverses the direction of information search on the web. Your website appears on the client's desktop in the form of an interactive and digital book, creating an open communication channel.
UsableBook not only saves time and resources and avoids the costs of traditional printing, shipping and delivery, but can also be constantly updated, modified and saved just like any other digital data. 
Moreover, UsableBook can be directly included in your institutional website, increasing customer interest and web-traffic.

UsableBook Contents

Digital pages can include sounds, moving images, animations and videos, such as actors who can step from page to page to provide commentary and explanation.
With UsableBook it is also possible to insert contents geared to marketing campaigns or precise commercial actions, as in the case of games, competitions, quizzes, market surveys and specially developed programs.The system allows you to insert and track messages, banners and advertising links into the displayed pages, both on the fly and based on user targets.
In addition, booking and e-commerce modules allow you to sell products and services.

Web Marketing

  • contents are completely indexed by search engines and optimized for SEO
  • analytics and reports about the activities performed by customers and about publication
  • a powerful and intuitive online editor to enable you to autonomously create and modify your contents

Case history

Diamantea, a step ahead.