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Conversion Storm

Conversion Storm increases the number of reservations and their revenue. The platform maximizes conversion rate and online visitors to sales ratio, segmenting your clients in real-time and showing them personalized and optimized contents.

  1. increase in conversion
  2. customer satisfaction
  3. in-depth knowledge of customers

Conversion Storm simplifies your marketing actions by integrating all conversion cycle related functions into a single platform:


Profiling and Segmentation

Visitor segmentation is performed in real-time and is based on visitors' characteristics, demographics, social profile, historical data and website behaviour. Conversion Storm offers each segment highly targeted content designed to maximize:

  • conversion rate;
  • revenue;
  • user satisfaction;
  • retention;
  • up and cross selling.

Conversion Storm constantly and automatically analyses your website visitors, searching for new and more profitable segments.

Testing and Optimization

Conversion Storm uses multivariate and A/B algorithms to enable you to test multiple combinations of contents, layouts, design, pricing and offers and to select the ones with the best performance.

Monitoring ed Analytics

Visitors' characteristics, social profile and behaviour are stored and monitored in real time by Conversion Storm's sophisticated Analytics system. The platform constantly monitors the results of personalization activities and performs the necessary actions such as adapting the website's content and layout or sending communications by e-mail.

Why Conversion Storm?

Conversion Storm is a platform with unique characteristics and is an essential tool for increasing revenue.
The system is extremely flexible and maximizes conversion rate and click-through not only of your website but also of many other marketing activities such as e-mail campaigns, advertising and landing pages. Conversion Storm includes sophisticated up and cross selling features and is perfectly integrated with Ad Words, AdWords Retargeting and Facebook.

Conversion Storm is unique because:

  • it is a complete platform featuring all functions necessary for the conversion cycle;
  • it optimizes every single segment dynamically and in detail so as to achieve the highest possible conversion rate;
  • ivisit data are collected in real-time and are therefore always up to date;
  • along with routine information, analytics also consider non-standard data such as visitor behaviour, enabling you to discover new segments with higher conversion rates;
  • contents for each visitor are created dynamically, simplifying marketing tasks;
  • it can be integrated with any kind of CMS and uses contents coming from any repository (no IT involvement);
  • it dynamically optimises all kinds of contents and media (including web-pages, e-mails and messages);
  • it enables you to discover emerging trends and to identify new business opportunities;
  • it is simple to use, with numerous dashboards and reports;
  • it features advanced technology and high processing capacity based on cloud computing.

What does it do?

  • increase your website's conversion rate;
  • increase the number of sales and the average value of each sale;
  • increase your sales volume and yield;
  • increase the conversion rate of your e-mail campaigns and marketing actions;
  • improve customer satisfaction;
  • optimise web-marketing personnel;
  • provide decision-making support for marketing and pricing;
  • reduce the number of manual analysis activities.

Diamantea, a step ahead.